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What if the characters, places, and things from most, if not all fiction, was mixed into one universe? There's potential for an order where disparate works can be connected to each other, even if it's in the craziest ways. Let's make a community that brainstorms how this "Fiction Multiverse" might work.

Note: This wiki is currently being built. A more complete source of information, for the time being, is the Fiction Multiverse subreddit linked below.

What Is This?Edit

The Fiction Multiverse, or the FM for short, is an idea that I, the creator of this Wikia page, have had for several years now. It started off as a personal world-building project to help me practice some creative writing skills, then it became a subreddit that really ballooned over a couple of years, and now there's the Fiction Multiverse Wikia, intended to compile the ideas we come up with and discuss on that subreddit into one easily navigable online encyclopedia.

The basic idea behind this is putting as many works of fiction as possible into a single coherent universe and timeline (but it's called the Fiction Multiverse in case we want to include some alternate timelines and parallel universes). Sure, it's not the first time it's been done - people on Reddit have mentioned the Tuesday Next series when I described this idea, and I myself have gotten some (limited) inspiration from the The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Anno Dracula series. However, given that there are at least three popular fantasy series centered on their own twist of the massive crossover concept, I don't think there should be a problem with our own original take. Besides, it's fun!

Where Do I Begin? Edit

To see the style of the Wikia, you could try searching up a work of fiction you like on the Search Bar at the top, or clicking "Random page" for a more freeform exploration. There's also the List of Works Referenced in the Fiction Multiverse, which is recommended reading before creating a page for a work of fiction (as well as another way to see if something you like is in the FM). A timeline is in the works - for now the focus is building up the wiki by transferring info from the Google Documents containing the original FM Encyclopedia into Wikia pages.

Latest activityEdit

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